Improv Workshops

Why am I qualified?

Morgan Miller has studied, performed, and toured with the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in New York City for seven years.  She has taught workshops for the UCB Touring company at colleges and theaters around the country. She has also done corporate workshops for many companies (including Heineken) and also coaches multiple indie teams in NYC.

Her approach to coaching is one of following your gut and instincts while honing in on the structure and form. Her philosophy is to play from a place of love while bringing exciting and positive energy to each scene.


All workshops are $30 for a 3 hour session and will have a maximum of 16 people. Price may vary with number of people and time of session depending on interest.

The Philosophy of Love and Energy (All Levels)

  • Learn the groundwork of Morgan's philosophy to improv. Always come from a place of love when approaching your scene partner. And learn to absorb and accept big energy instead of shy away and negate it.

Character Work (All Levels)

  • Learn how to bring big characters to scenes while keeping them grounded and real. After all, we're adults playing make believe, so lets have fun with creating unusual, interesting, and fun characters.

Game (Intermediate and Advanced)

  • Game is hard! So let's run reps, learn techniques, and come at game from a place of excitement instead of trepidation and apprehensiveness. 

The Harold (Advanced only)

  • Morgan has been doing the Harold form for seven years and has a pretty good grip on how it all works. Do reps, get specific and personal notes, and have FUN doing the Harold.

Please complete the form below with the subject line being the name of the workshop you are interested in taking. And in the message give days/nights you are available.

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Some people who like me:

“Morgan worked with our improv students and house teams and they were extremely pleased with the experience. She has an infectious enthusiasm and energy, coupled with technical knowledge that makes her a great coach and instructor. Even better, she never loses her belief that this art form is supposed to be fun. We highly recommend her!” 

- Nathan Hartswick, Co-Owner, Vermont Comedy Club

“Morgan is a patience, kind and creative improviser and teacher.  Watching her on stage is almost as fascinating as watching her teach! She really cares and wants to see people succeed which is so joyful, it’s infectious. Even if you learn literally nothing about improv (which is impossible) you will have the best time of your life.”

-Mike Kelton, Mike Kelton Productoins

"Morgan Miller is an incredible, intuitive and out of the box coach. Her philosophy helped me understand in a clear way the kind of player I want to be and how to get there. Our team immediately started listening harder and supporting better after Morgan coached us.  Hire her!"

-Sheri Delany, NYC and LA improviser